Narine Abgaryan

Three Apples Fell from the Sky


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The Russian bestseller about love and second chances, brimming with warmth and humourIn the tiny village of Maran nestled high in the Armenian mountains, a place where dreams, curses and miracles are taken very seriously, a close-knit community bickers, gossips and laughs, untouched by the passage of time. A lifelong resident, Anatolia is happily set in her ways. Until, that is, she wakes up one day utterly convinced that she is dying.She lies down on her bed and prepares to meet her maker, but just when she thinks everything is ready, she is interrupted by a surprise visit from a neighbour with an unexpected proposal. So begins a tale of unforeseen twists and unlikely romance that will turn Maran on its head and breathe a new lease of life into a forgotten village. Narine Abgaryan’s enchanting fable is a heart-warming tale of community, courage, and the irresistible joy of everyday friendship.

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Paperback / softback

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